Secret Time! I Have A Masters Degree...

I probably am not the best at handling stress.

This maybe-job at Chic has sent me into emotional overload. I had a second interview on Monday which went something like this.
"...You have a Masters degree. Did you know that? You're 27 and you have a Masters degree. I don't even have a Masters."
"Yes, I have a Masters. So about this recepti-"
"Sigh. Yes I do"

And around and around we went.
Long story short, I was told that while they would go to bat for me, the final hiring decision is with the publisher guy and he tends to like the degree to match the position. This means that my having a Masters degree is a strike against me.

Obviously I took this very well until I got in the car and proceeded to flip my shit. Sobbing while driving isn't as much fun as one would think.
It also leaves smudges on your sunglasses and if you're like me, you're too lazy/forgetful to clean them.

Since this conversation I also had a run in with the other company who holds my student loans (not Ms. Mae). This led to more crying. Thank god the BF is made of infinite patience. I tend to cry a lot these days and grind my teeth. This leads to headaches and not sleeping. And crying.

I hate doing all of these things and I probably should say it again-I don't deal with stress that well.

However, perhaps things are starting to look up. I slept last night. I got an e mail saying that I've got 60 days on my loans while they deal with the "I'm seriously fucking unemployed" paperwork. I only ground my teeth the normal amount last night. I think I've got a lead on a handful of jobs.


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