My Field Is Empty. Whoosh.

I've had a couple of days since I found out Chic hired somebody else. I honestly can't be mad at the other intern they ended up hiring-I'm sure she had no idea I was interested in the job or that I even interviewed.

I am, however, vaguely annoyed with the other people at Chic.

On Monday I was sort of under the impression that they were going to take me to lunch. I was under this impression due to the fact I was asked "Hey, would you like to be around for a sort of "thank you" lunch?"
This doesn't make me totally insane.

So I went in on Tuesday, prepped for boredom (as I have no real job) and a vague sense of giving no fucks. Both of these things happened. And then what happened?

No lunch.
I was called forward to cover the front desk while the new (paid) receptionist went on her lunch break and everyone either went out or ate at their desk. While I appreciate that I don't necessarily deserve anything, I had an impression.

I ended up going to a late lunch at Qdoba where I ran into one of my friends that I've made there at Chic. We chatted and she's almost more incensed that I didn't get hired than I am. She then took me across the street to buy me a going-away cupcake.

My last day ended not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with the sound of a tumbleweed, running through the empty field of fucks that I don't have.


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