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Once again, I'm camped out at a Starbucks, but I'm farther back in the building far far away from the door. Mostly because it's tits cold out. Thanks arctic blast! (I guess it's not vogue to call it a polar vortex this season, that's just so last year)

It's a both more fun and less fun because I can't people watch quite as easily. I'm looking down a corridor into the sunlight, which means everyone is in silhouette-curse you light sensitive eyes!-and I can't get a good read on how nutty everyone is being. It's also a bit more fun because I can then stare at them and no one paying me any mind as then get their coffee and their pastry and strut out into that fuckall cold.

I have to go to work in a few and I'm hoping it goes better than yesterday. Nothing egregious happened, like, customer-wise. But my hands gave me some serious grief for the first time since they hired me back and it really was problematic. Luckily I was able to work around it for the most part, but I just didn't like it. Depending on how busy we are that won't always be able to happen. I will have watch repairs and won't be able to hand them off? I had some hand cramps and the tremor gave me grief and...I don't know. It just was rough. I'm hoping today is better. And tomorrow for that matter.

Andy has seemed out of sorts lately and I'm hoping that's just me being out of sorts? He says it's because he's tired and got a bunch of engineering problems on his mind. He's faux-building another robot thingy. He's also a bit pre-occupied with my lack of hobbies? The problem with my hobbies is that most of them cost cold-hard cash and I'm generally cash strapped. I'd like to get back into dancing somehow. Not even like ballroom, just some tap or ballet or something. But I haven't the extra dollars these days. I've got mah bills to pay and I've got to save for a new mouthguard because I've ground my old one into submission and it's totally useless. I've been wearing my original one from 2007 and while it works, it would be really nice to have a new one. I think my jaw would seriously appreciate it. In the meantime though, I was going to see if I could get some photo editing software or something because I would take photos again. I always did enjoy that.

What I really miss is the whole photo-on-film thing, but no one does that anymore.


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