Today I received a nasty shock.

I've been overly worried totally obsessing over this maybe-job at Chic. It's to the point where I'm fairly certain anyone who knows me is ready to poke me in the eyeball in order to get me to change the subject.

I go into my faux-internship and at the front desk is one of the other interns, who I sort of assume is taking over for a bit until I get there.

Funny story!
She wasn't.

I got to do some filing all day while she was training as the new receptionist.

It was a very very long day.

It's time to obsess over something else. Like a new exciting job that I can get because of my degree instead of in spite of it. Or this new cookbook I got that is freaking delicious (so far).

I keep peeling off my nail polish for something to do.


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