Heat and Olive Oil

I had an interview today at that Olive Oil shop (remember that?) I'm hoping that they'll actually hire me, despite the fact that it'll only be 10 or so hours a week to begin with. At least at this interview the lady who interviewed me didn't spend all of her time gushing over my Masters degree.

These days I don't feel like much of a master of anything.

It seems that the BF's kidney stone has gone the way of the dodo. Or at least for the most part. He had an ultrasound and while the tech said there was a 3 mm stone left in his kidney, his GP said that was hooey and he's in the clear. Apparently that ultrasound stuff seriously works. He's still in a bit of pain, but it looks like he's better. This is a good thing.

It's been stunningly hot here in MI the last few days. The lack of AC at my house is super annoying and frankly, I don't know how I've been sleeping. Some nights I obviously haven't slept well at all. Last night I went to the BF's house and my love of AC cannot be expressed enough.

My love of his mother's love of smooth jazz? Not so much.


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