My tummy is a-grumbly

The BF is still battling a kidney stone, much to his distress. He's had it for over a month and it took forever for any doctor to do much about it. The main problem was the BF didn't complain enough-while he was in pain, he wasn't in absolute screaming pain, which meant he wasn't a high priority patient. He was able to go about his day and whatnot and he's also very not good at dealing with the medical profession.
I, however, am very good at dealing with them. Next time this sort of thing happens, he's promised to let me deal with it.

The end result is he's still in a ton of pain and I don't like it. Obviously, neither does he.

I haven't been 100% myself these days. I think the stress of wanting this job at Chic is getting to me. My jaw is positively killing me (thanks TMJ!) and my tummy is all a-grumbly. I do not know how much the tummy thing has to do with the job thing, but I plan on blaming it on the job stress. It's easier that way.

I've been able to record my Polish data for the Paper That Will Not End, A Much Maligned Tale of Woe. However, this weekend is so freaking busy that I don't have enough time to work on it the way I'd like to. It's the Woodward Dream Cruise, book club and a freakishly nice weekend. I want to take the Mustang out, look at lovely cars and hopefully not get a sunburn.

I have very delicate lady skin.


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