In Which Things May Go From Bad To Worse

I've been super frustrated with my job lately. I work at the therapists' place super part time and while I've been trained, I feel like a lot of things come up that I haven't been trained on. I admit I have made a few mistakes, but I do my best. (I still want to kill that printer though)

I get a text today asking if I can come in tomorrow at 9 to "go over a few things". To me, this smells like I'm getting fired. My first reaction is disappointment and general upset-ness. This, of course, is a great reaction to have in the middle of the grocery store. Crying openly over the avocados is really my favorite thing to do.

As my shopping trip progressed, my feelings morphed from sheer sadness of being unemployed (once again) to vague annoyance. I'm frustrated that this might happen over the fact that things come up and I've been potentially expected to deal with them. While I understand that I've made mistake and have attempted to rectify them, some of these things are beyond my control. I don't always have the resources at my disposal to deal with everything because I'm not always in the loop. It's super frustrating because it paints me as a moron.

I'm just tired of feeling this way. It's been a day. I bought an Oprah magazine and an Aero bar and am settling in with some Grey's Anatomy in the meantime.


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