In Which The Coffee Shop Closes

Today is the first day that I'm like, for realsies unemployed. I didn't have the OfficeJob to go to, I didn't have to go to the Giant Green Monster, I had nothing. It was kind of depressing.

It was also depressing because I went to pick up a coffee (decaf, because that's how I do now) from my first coffee shop, which is closing. Peet's Coffee and Tea was the place I worked for back in November and I left there about...March-ish? I'm naming them now because they've decided to pull out of Michigan and part of Ohio. They're closing 5 stores here in Michigan, leaving the ones in Ann Arbor and Grosse Pointe. My store, Commerce, closed today at 12. A lot of nice people lost their jobs and it sucks.

I mostly got the job there because my friend, Cheryl, got it for me. I worked with her back in my Biggby days and she knew I was looking for work. I ended up liking it there quite a bit. But as we remember, they went on an hour-cutting spree and I was only working 10 hours a week. While I could watch a lot of Olympics, I didn't make a lot of money. So I made the decision to go somewhere else and we all know how that turned out.

She's moving to Austin and I'm going to miss her. She (and my mother, for that matter) wants me to move down there, but I'm just not sure yet. On a day like today, I can't see myself leaving Michigan. It's perfect here.

But if I could live somewhere where it was like this all the time...I could give up snow. And if I could get a decaf iced coffee...don't even.


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