In Which The BF Gets A Name

Yesterday I went over to Andy's house. (And yes, Andy is the BF. I've decided to name him because fuck it, I'm tired of not naming him. It's not a national secret. It's a name.)

So yesterday I went over to Andy's house because we were riding together to a thing at our old theater director's  house-she was showing our high school production of Fiddler on the Roof from 10 years ago. In the process of getting to Andy's house, I got a bit lost. I have obviously been there loads of times before having been dating for the past few years. However, Michigan being Michigan and Summer being Summer-there are loads of orange barrels everywhere.
This means that while I called for directions because I've never done this particular confusing exit correctly, I still managed to screw it up due to a bit of mis-communication and a bit of directional difficulty. Andy was kind of annoyed, which in turn annoyed me because he really should have seen this one coming.

I've been geographically challenged since birth. Driving has only made it worse. And while I can listen to the radio and rock out to some excellent music while I sit in unexpected traffic or look for that exit I should've taken the first time, it doesn't excuse the fact that I've now added 20 minutes to my trip. Rarely does it make me late, but it always makes me tired. It's just exhausting being lost. I'm always calling for directions and my father and learned over the years to take it in stride. Usually Andrew is pretty good about it. My mother doesn't get it at all, she spends her time trying to "teach" me where I am.
Trust me lady, it's far too late for that. One road really is just as good as another. I have the directional ability of a pet rock and it's fine with me.
I tend to measure directions by landmark, number of songs or my somewhat photographic memory. As in "...I think I've been lost somewhere around here before," I say while driving. I then drive some more and the recognize vet's office or an out-of-business toy shop and go "Yes! Turn left!" and resume going in the right direction, merrily forgetting my misfortune. These memories come up while other people drive and then they go, "You've never been here, crazy".
Secret tiem-Yes. Yes, I have. Just not on purpose.

It's exhausting, getting lost. I'll just take a right up here, thanks. It looks like a nice road and whether I'm supposed to be on it or not, who knows. I'm sure I'll get to where I'm going at some point. Who knows. One road is just as good as the next.


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