In Which I Learn About Other Roads

A little over a week ago the BF and I had dinner with a close friend of ours, Alison. Alison moved here to get her PhD at U of M and she grew up in Massachusetts. We, on the other hand, obviously grew up here.

While having a delicious meal she brought up the point that it made her terribly nervous to drive down to meet us because she had to get on the freeway.
"All those cars," she said, "going in the same direction. In the same way. Parallel to one another. It's...unnatural," she finished ominously.
At this point the BF and I just looked at each other and then back at her before giggling.

She went on to try to defend herself, but it was kind of useless. I found it very endearing (and still do) how our 5 lane highways-and our 5 lane roads for that matter-throw her for a loop. Apparently, other states don't do this. Other states also follow the speed limit. This is something that doesn't really happen here. We're a bigger fan of driving the route number. On I-96? Great. On I-275? Look out. And M-14? Welcome to the Autobahn where cruise control can be your best friend and reaching for your cup of coffee is something you really want to think twice about.

My mother used to be put off by all those cars moving at once as well, but frankly, it's something I've never thought about. If anything, I find it soothing. I mean, of course you have to look out for the asshole who's going to try to kill you, but aren't you always looking out for those people? The only difference is that here on the road they're in a car and someplace else they've got a shopping cart to push you into the fresh fruit or a 2x4 at the Home Depot to beat you over the head with.

I'll take my chances in the car, thanks. At least I have my HD radio.


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