In Which I Wish I Wasn't Right

Well, looks like I hit the nail right on the head.

Dad and I went out to eat last night and I developed some pretty tremendous stomach cramps last night...maybe midnight-ish? It made for rough sleeping, lemme tell you. I tossed, I turned. I put my hair up in case I threw up (which I was almost hoping for because I thought it might make me feel better). I even put on a hoodie because I had some cold sweats. I took my hoodie off because I then got insanely hot. I went into the bathroom and sat on the floor for a bit, next to the toilet to inspire vomit-y thoughts.
It didn't work.
I went back to bed to keep tearing up the sheets.
I was also just a tiny bit worried about missing my alarm, as I am apt to do (worry that is, not miss my alarm). In the long run, it's safe to say that I slept for absolute shit.

Then I got to wake up early to go into the office only to find out my boss was running late. Of course, I made excellent time. I admit, that part was a fluke. Sometimes Woodward is free and clear and sometimes it's a total clusterfuck.

As I suspected, who got fired?
I got fired.
He didn't do it in so many words, but that's the gist of the situation. Evidently I've been screwing up for weeks and no one has been really telling me. I've had a few gentle reminders to get spelling of people's names right, but beyond that? Not a lot. I guess it was, according to him, a learning experience for them as well. Since I was only there 10 hours a week, some things were routine, but then a lot of stuff wouldn't be. I had the other office manager to text to ask questions, but it was a clunky system to ask for help and I think it didn't work nearly as well as they expected. I also think there weren't as many clients as they thought to make it worth their while.

The only upside? I won't have to put up with that goddamn printer/scanner thing. That fucking thing had it in for me.

So once again I'm unemployed and on the job hunt. I'm hoping the next one doesn't, you know...end poorly or suck.


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