In Which I Turn 28

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week away from the Giant Green Monster. I had my final shift this past Sunday and was pleased to see that there were no more shenanigans, no more tom foolery, no more general bullshit. I was off the schedule.
I was free. Correction-I am free.

But before that I had to work one shift before my birthday (and then an uneventful shift after my birthday, but we're really gathered here to talk about my birthday).

We here in Metro Detroit had a doozy of a storm just before the 4th, but shockingly enough my house got through unphased. I woke up just before the shit hit the fan and thought I should plug in my phone because God knows if I spend any time without it I'll probably keel over. A few minutes later the lightning and thunder showed up with Mother Nature to show us who's boss (pro-tip: not us). My house didn't lose power and I flipped her the bird on the way out.
Bad Move.

In the morning it turned out we had lost our cable, our phones (landline) and our Internet. We also had blown a few fuses and I had to go into the craphole of a basement to reset them. After donning full basement gear (a hoodie with the hood up, sleeves pulled over the hands and a flashlight), I went down to fight the fuse box. However, unbeknownst to me, when our house was rewired back in December we had entered the early 20th Century with toggle switch fuses. This means I had absolutely no idea how they worked. Luckily for me, my mother had already called my father, who was attempting to explain how they work over the phone. Being my father's daughter, I snatched the phone right out of her hand and spoke directly to the source while she walked away muttering, "You are just like your father."

Once I learned how 1960's tech worked, I got the house somewhat functioning.

Of course, karma being the bitch she is (or maybe she's a sister of Mother Nature, who knows) we lost power later that evening. DTE told us we wouldn't get it back until after July 4th, meaning after my birthday, after the party I was having and more importantly, after the homemade birthday cake I would be making. Which would have to be at Le Boyfriend's house, since we didn't have any power.

But to cut a not very interesting story even shorter, DTE got their shit together and we got power back in a timely fashion for the party which was a success and I made a cake at my own house for my 28th birthday.

It was a homemade yellow layer cake with lemon butter cream, in case you were wondering.


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