In Which I Go Dancing

I went out dancing the other night with my friend Sharell and it reminded me of how I went out dancing the week before and did not recount this truly excellent story.

(Sidenote-when I say I go out dancing, I do not mean that I put on a tiny dress and go out and twerk or drop it like it's hot or whatever the kids are doing these days. I'm white. I'm far too clumsy to drop it like it's hot. I'm more apt to just drop it. In fact, my friend Emily has always threatened to buy me this shirt, which I think it's a lot more fitting.
So when I say I go out dancing, I mean I go out to my local Arthur Murray and get my foxtrot on. Or rumba. Or if I'm feeling really ambitious, my salsa. I dig ballroom, okay?)

Back to my story -

Sharell and I met up to do our ballroom thing and it was fun, as it usually is. I enjoy dancing. It's fun. I just wish it weren't so expensive, but that's not the point.

Our dancing party let out at the super late hour of 10 pm because that's how the Arthur Murray rolls on a Friday night (whatwhat). Sharell and I proceeded to hang out in the parking lot for a while and catch up, which is how we roll.

Eventually the bugs on a July night in Michigan get to be too much for us, so we go sit in her car to keep on talking. Time flies when you're having fun and next thing you know, it's 11:30 pm.

While we've been sitting there, many people have come into the lot trying to go to the nearby Subway, despite the fact that it's obviously closed. We laugh at them because's 11 o'clock. Do you really need your Spicy Italian at that hour? (Answer-Yes. Yes, they do.)

The Law and Order section of the evening starts right before we both decided to go home. One of the final cars to pull into the lot was something I've dubbed a Mini-Hearse. It had some of its' windows blacked out and they, strangely enough, did not attempt to go to the Subway. They pulled into the lot so they could watch us all creepy style from their drivers side window. Sharell and I noticed and watched them through her rear-view mirror and her side-view mirror (respectively) and decided it was totally weird.

It then got weirder when I went to my car and he def watched me walk the 20 feet like I was an all-you-can-eat buffet (Sharell obviously stayed to make sure I got in my car in one piece). We both pulled out and apparently, so did Creepy Mini-Hearse. He didn't seem to follow either of us, but like, is that not the beginning of a Dateline or a 20/20? I totally called the BF on the way back to his house to be like "I AM COMING, JUST SO YOU KNOW".
He then was like "Omfg, that was so unsafe, I cannot even with you," and locked all the doors to his house (something he never does ever) and turned off all the lights, too. It was adorable and kind of overprotective and even though he thinks it's weird that I'll have me a Murder Marathon, it's good to know that I probably won't be starring in one anytime soon.


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