Sleeping vs. Creeping (I can do both)

My daddy snores something fierce. For that matter, so does my mother. To be honest, I'm beginning to suspect that I snore as well but since the BF has said nothing to the sort, I won't acknowledge it until he does.

Because my daddy snores so loudly, I've become the world's lightest sleeper. Most every little thing can wake me. In order to try to sleep through the night I bought a noise machine. It's not one of those funny ones that make rainwater noises or channels the rainforest or whatever. It's like a fan without a fan. I also was sort of guilted into buying it from the BF because I have slept with a fan on, every night, since the day I moved home in May 2008.
This makes for some cold evenings when it's like...2 degrees out.

The noise machine has helped a bit and I sleep with the door shut, but his damn buzzsaw snores come through the wall as though we were in the same room. It continues to be impressive (and not in a good way).

When the snoring gets tough, the sleepless get earplugs. Last night I tried out some of these funny silicone ones that covered the whole ear opening and not inside the canal like the foam ones. I don't know if they're better or not, but they're definitely different. They sure do help.

The BF tried to have a creeper moment with me the other morning, insinuating that he watches me sleep and whatnot, but because I am the world's lightest sleeper, I totally won that little contest. Mostly because I wasn't lying.
Every little move he makes wakes me up. I get to creep on him anytime. And then I get to go back to sleep.


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