Bits and Bobs

The Olympics took up an inordinate amount of my time the last few weeks, which means I basically had time for nothing else. I watched a downright silly amount of sports during that time, as I basically work at a fake job. The coffee shop has cut hours to two days a week.

This means I have a lot of free time.

I had an interview with Starbucks the other day, in an attempt to work at a job that is willing to not only give me hours, but pay me for them. I've decided to allow for the possibility that I'm good at something and maybe that something is this (coffee shop whatnots). Goodness knows my current situation isn't working out, but perhaps a bigger company would allow for more actual professional development. I'm hoping for the best at least.

Emily made me agree to do this Instagram thing, #100happydays. You're supposed to snap a photo of something that had made you happy that day and tag it for 100 days straight. I agreed, if only because I thought it could be a good exercise in looking for the good in my life. This damn winter/weather/most everything it seems is bringing me down and looking for something nice is a good thing, right?
Easier said than done. Some days it's all I can do to remember to participate, much less find something actually worth photo-ing. I think I'm actually a day behind and I'm attempting to catch up, but we'll see what happens. I think today's pic is going to be my ticket stub as I hope to see the Lego Movie with the BF. Unless things fall through again and I get irrationally sad.

You never know these days.


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