Nasty Oxygen Habit

I'm off the hard stuff (AKA hot water and lemon), but I'm still awful wheezy. I went to the doctor earlier in the week (Tuesday?) because it's generally frowned upon when you hear and feel yourself breathe. I also was berated by my well meaning mother and decided it wasn't worth the fight to not go. 

I recently had my parents switch to the same doctor (he's the best, Dr Ram) and when I got there he was weirdly pumped to have seen them. I suppose it's a compliment. Perhaps he was pumped about the money he would make from them, but I don't think that's the case. He's a doctor who listens, which can be hard to find these days. I think he was genuinely excited to have met them and I find that kind of adorable. (My dad had to go see him for a pinched nerve and my mother has some sort of odd itchy rash thing.)

Anyway. Many inhalers later I'm still wheezing and coughing. Thank god the BF is a hard sleeper/basically doesn't remember a thing when he's super tired. I feel like I could blow his house up when he's asleep and he'd roll over and go, "...You okay ?"
In cases like this, it's helpful because I spent a decent amount of time coughing and he spent a lot of time not being kept awake by it. 

I long to breathe. I do have this nasty oxygen habit, you know.


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