If I Were A Vitamin, I Would B12

I had my B12 shot yesterday. It was fresh, good B12 too and I know this for a fact because I got it from my Target pharmacy. It was sort of adorable because they called me to inform me that they hadn't forgotten about me, but they were having a devil of a time getting B12. I then got a call saying that they couldn't get the 10 month supply, only the one month, but a girl will take whatever she can get.

This new stash of B12 also means that, being a 27-year-old female, I'm overly excited about my pooping habits again.
This is not entirely normal for most 27-year-olds. Much less the lady folk.

In other news, I think my hand is getting worse.
I say this as I shake a bit more, but I don't have a resting tremor (thank God) and I don't have nearly the intention tremor that I used to. That being said-I think things are getting worse.

I recently turned down employment at Bagger Dave's (great turkey burgers) because of this. I feel like it's one thing to spill food (hot or cold) all down your front when you're at home and can cuss the sky blue about it, but it's something completely different to do that on a paying customer.
It also is something different to drop a t-shirt or a watch (like when I was at Fossil). People get less cranky about that sort of thing than they do a ruined burger or soda or coffee.

My hand is killing me today.


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