In Which Job Hunting Is Quite Literally The Worst

Job hunting is just the worst. The absolute worst.

I think I've been unemployed for about a month now and it seems that I've been pounding the Internet pavement forever, or so it seems. I'm doing my best to stay on a regular schedule so I don't get out of whack and I know that can happen to me real easy. I'm also trying to have a few hobbies. What I really need to do , while the weather is still nice anyway, is bring home my bicycle and ride it around.
I found to help me brush up on my French and Italian and that helps break up the monotony. I also aim to apply to a minimum number of jobs per day to help me feel like I've accomplished something. But I also just don't apply randomly or half-assedly. I try to be selective. It's really fun being me these days.


I did get a few interviews last week, which was nice. One ended up being for a call center job for a kind of odd talent agency place. I couldn't get a good read on the place - I just didn't feel right about them. It was right before the Labor Day holiday and they wanted to know if I could start the next day (the interview was Thursday). While I'm unemployed, I kinda thought that was weird? Did I come off that desperate? I told them I was going out-of-town with my family for the weekend-which isn't out of the question given the holiday weekend thing-and they immediately backed down and I ended up not getting the job that same day.
Like I said. Kinda weird. Turns out Andy had an interview there for an IT gig and he got the same kinda weird/sketch vibe and they also wanted him to start the next day and he was

I also had an interview with a small auto parts seller near-ish the house. I don't think I came off well in the interview because I haven't heard back since. I already wrote back thanking him for the meeting. That job would've been "part-time", aka 30 hours a week. I would've liked that a lot.

What I have to focus on so far is that I've had interviews. And I have an interview this Friday with a place out in Jackson. This place would be salaried, which is kind of exciting. On the other hand, it is in Jackson.
Maybe I could move to Ann Arbor.


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