And Now, The End Is Near

Well, gentle readers, it seems the end is nigh.

My boyfriend has been telling me, every single day to quit my job. He comes up with legitimate reasons and things I like to call "raisins", which are reasons, but crazy. "
Did you read that book I lent you?" "...No." "You should quit your job!"  <-- This is a raisin.

My friend Shara has told me to quit my job. Emily has been added to the list, as has my mother. I genuinely didn't see that one coming, as she's not usually one for quitting things that pay you. Even the lady who sells me my prescriptions at Target has told me I should quit my job.
I feel like when basic strangers, the people you run into once in a while, when they tell you to quit your job, maybe you should listen.

I've been weebling and struggling with this choice for the last week but as my hands/wrists have hurt me a lot and it looks like my store doesn't really care all that much about it, I think the time has come. I also was talking in the parking lot with another employee today, Kyle, who has been at this place a bit longer than I have. He's equally frustrated with things and considering putting in his two weeks notice as well.

Besides the health issues and the mental health issues (I'm just so miserable), there are other things that drive me insane. For instance-we run out of cups. Or vanilla. Or iced coffee. Apparently keeping things in stock is a bitch and so we've just chosen to not do that. Few things make you look as stupid as when you hand out one "large" coffee in 2 small cups because you don't have the large or the medium cups anymore.

So for the safety of my body (actual physic health, wrist/hand pain, tremor, burn, whatever) and the safety of my mind, I'm putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow.

Happy Pre-Birthday to me.


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