Broken Toes Hurt

So upon looking back at my chat history, it seems that way back on April 19, I was over at the BFs house because I had work one morning (early). I stay there when I work late one night and then have to turn around at work at like...5 or 6 am the following morning.

This particular morning I was getting ready for work and I was looking for my shoes and in the dark, managed to kick his dog's cage.
Needless to say, that shit hurt.

So what did I do? I popped a few aspirin, shoved my feet in my shoes and went off to work.

My foot never got better and if anything, I was convinced it had gotten worse. My dad was sort of under the opinion I was being a weenie, but I think he always thinks that, so we frankly don't hold much water with what he thinks (when it comes to me hurting myself that is).

I finally got myself to a doctor yesterday after ten days of trying to get my foot in a shoe brought me to tears (as did working 8 hours a day, but that's a different story). The Dr took an x-ray and my pinky toe is broken something fierce. I even got to take a look at said x-ray and it was blatantly obvious to the untrained eye that my poor toe is in pieces.

The result of all of this means that I'm off work for a week, I'm wearing a boot on my foot and I'm sending my resume out so I don't have to go back to the GGM for very long because while my toe will eventually get better, my sense of existential ennui will not.


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