March Sucked

March was a big, fat, giant pain in my ass.

-My dear, sweet, wonderful kitty died and I miss her everyday.
-I ended up leaving my old coffee shop for a new coffee shop (to be written about more later).
-My boyfriend's dog died too, which sucked.
-My friend Cheryl, her cat died.

March sucked.

Regarding the job thing--

As we all know, I wasn't getting the hours at my old shop by a long shot. I was basically unemployed, which was nice during the Olympics as I saw a lot of coverage. I mean a lot of coverage. Being a sports fan, it was fun.
Hoping to do things like...have money? Not so much.

So I applied to the Giant Green Monster that everyone knows about and has been to and has driven by and whatnot. I ended up getting the job, with the promise of approximately 40 hours a week.
This was a considerable upgrade from my usual 10.

I started at the very end of March/early April with trepidation. It's the first time in my life that I had left one job for another. In the past I had always had a period of unemployment or school or something. It's almost like something grown-ups would do.

We're about a month in and I kind of loathe it. I was hoping (I guess) to be able to make this into a mini career or something, maybe some kind of management? Either way, I was hoping I would like it more than I did (than I do).
But I don't.
There are a number of factors that prevent me from liking this gig. Some of this you'll hear about, some you probably won't. Regardless, I've got to go on the job hunt. Again.

I suppose that's it for the moment, catching up on the exhausting March that isn't worth mentioning and April that's basically coming to a close. I'm hoping for something good to happen soon? That probably won't be tomorrow though, as I've got a follow up with my lady doctor and we both know he never gives out good news.


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