This is a story of a girl and her cat.

It might be the catalyst to her becoming a crazy cat lady, but only time will tell.

When she was ten, there was a big electrical storm in her neighborhood. Her house, being very old, lost power as did many others.

Being an inquisitive child, she and her father went for a walk around the neighborhood to see the damage. It was also a great way to keep her entertained, since the t.v. was out.

During that walk, a small kitten followed them home. She was a calico kitten, adorable as the day is long. Obviously having marked these two humans for suckers (especially the big, tall, older one), she thought she had maybe found a home. The girl and her father took her home for fear of something bad happening to her during the power outage, much less a small cat out on her own anyway. 

The family put up posters and flyers to see if this kitten belonged to anyone, but that didn't seem to be the case. The only call they got was from a neighbor saying he had seen kids playing with her, but they didn't belong to her. 

This news was quite exciting, as it meant a new kitty was coming into the family. It was basically love at first sight for this girl and her calico. Being an only child, she had no sibling to confide in, to tell her secrets to. This small kitten grew up with her, learned with her, kept her secrets with her, became her best friend. 

Over the years this cat even loved with her, sorting through boyfriends in a way only a true friend can. She liked some more than others and her human should have listened, but she was there during the heartbreak either way. She was there when the girl traveled, to France, to Italy, to Mexico. Every time she came home, her cat was there, waiting. 

When the girl went to college, her cat stayed home, waiting for her at every break. She kept her secrets all the same, she snuggled with her, she just loved her even thoughhe had s been gone. Even when the girl traveled, the cat waited for her. When she went to France, to California, to Ireland for a semester, the cat was there waiting for her every time. She was a bit older every time the girl came home, but she was there all the same. 

And when the girl came home from college, looking for work and depressed, her cat was there for comfort. The girl didn't realize just how old or how far she and her had come, but there they were nonetheless. 

Through it all, this cat was there for this girl. Through school and travel and boyfriends and hurt and laughter and everything in between, this sweet, loving kitty was there. 

She's on her last legs now and this is my love letter to her. 

My dear, sweet, lovely Callie girl. 


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