It's Still January

It seems as though I'm back on the job hunt here in MI because...oh why not. The coffee shop that started off so strongly (like, for realsies. I liked it there. Like? Liked? Whatever) has kind of petered out. Because this is a new brand to the area they went, for obvious reasons, totally fucking gangbusters hiring people when they opened. Some of the original employees stayed and then they hired like, half of Oakland County.
Or so it seems.

This means that I went from work four days a week and getting maybe, 25ish hours, I'm down to two days a week and 11 hours.
This is a really big change. I was willing to put up with it for a week or two when I was told that this too shall pass, but this too isn't passing. People either have to get fired (which I'm down with. Some of them I don't really like) or quit (another thing I'm down with). However, as this doesn't seem to be happening in a timely fashion, I don't have any work in the meantime.

Back in December I enrolled in new health insurance via the Exchanges. I contacted Blue Cross directly and while it was a bit of a bumpy ride, I got better coverage and a better price. I honestly couldn't complain. I can't complain.
What I can complain about is the fact that it's been OVER A MONTH and I still have no health insurance card. None. Zero. Nada. I've tweeted at them, I've facebooked them, I've spent hours on hold and I've e mailed them.
And still nothing. If this shit goes on into February I will drive down there and threaten/bribe them with baked goods. I make really good pies and cookies and whatever. Perhaps it's being held hostage until then.


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