Getting More Help

Due to this breathing trouble, I called the doctor back and got some more steroids. Apparently the steroid inhaler and the steroid shot I had at the first appointment wasn't enough. These steroids, methylprednisolone, are hardcore.

I do not like them one bit. I'm unsteady, I shake and I'm unbelievably sweaty. Gross, but true. I'm so thankful that today is the last day. The first day (Friday) I had to take 6. SIX. That's a lot of pills that aren't coated and break if you get them out of the blister pack just wrong and taste funny.

I am off them now and this is an extraordinarily good thing.

Last week I went to some online webinars through These webinars were designed to jump-start our job hunt and whatnot. One was one social media, one was on networking and one was on interviewing. It was neat because there was the webinar and a live chat going on in a side window. I ended up connecting with a career coach and it looks like we might work together.

It's looking to be a useful connection.

I've been having headaches. I really would like for them to stop.


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