Working on the Night Sweats

I went to the neuro yesterday and got a mostly clean bill of health. I mean, is my brain malfunctioning somehow?
Does it currently seem that I have some sort of terrifying brain disease a la MS or Parkinson's or something else that is going to eventually kill me?

This is obviously very good news. The BF took it very well too. I don't think I knew just how worried he was and he hid it very well.

Of course I was then looking forward to a restful sleep. It's been awful hot here lately and I hadn't been sleeping well because of it. And then it cooled off. So I was looking forward to a restful night's sleep with my fella in the cool cool eveningness of it all.

And of course, right when we get all snuggled in, the fucking night sweats start. I got SO insanely hot that I couldn't think straight. It was absolutely awful. I felt so bad for the Fella because I tossed and turned and pouted like a small, angry child.
I didn't cool off until about 5 am and of course, he gets up for work at 6:30. He says I didn't disturb him, which is probably true because dude sleeps like a fucking rock.

I, on the other hand, am still kinda groggy from sweating like a menopausal lady all night. It might also have something to do with the Tylenol PM I took at about 12:30 am.

At least I'm not shaking.


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