Trashy TV Canceled for the Day

I'm back at a Starbucks because sitting in my house means I either watch trashy television or...trashy movies. Sometimes I get sucked into good things, but usually it's a marathon of "I Love the 90's" or something and then my entire day is ruined.

This morning my grandmother had knee surgery for which I was nervous. She's freaking 90 and I was like " this a good idea?" Apparently it was because she made it through just fine and even her surgeon was like "She has stronger bones than ladies far younger than her that I work on. So frankly, she's totally awesome" (Note-I might be paraphrasing. The sentiment was there, I don't believe these words were.)

I'm trying to get this fucking Polish paper done because frankly, it's hanging over my head like whoa. I want it done, I want someone to write it for me. Mostly because I want a job. Most of the jobs I'm applying for I only have a mild interest in. The idea of being an administrative assistant just doesn't ring my bell quite as much as it should.
And it needs to ring it good and hard because my bank account is scary sad and low.

I think what I really want to be is one of the following-

1. A writer. I mean, let's face it. Getting paid to do that would be extraordinary. I want to write fiction, I want to write mysteries, like Phillip Marlowe style.

2. A Professor. I keep looking at adjunct professor gigs and my heart goes "SQUEEEEEEEEEE". I have no interest in filing, I have an interest in grading. Writing tests, teaching, terrorizing children into a love for linguistics sounds like a life's calling. SQUEEEEEEEE indeed.

3. Lists should have more than two things, so here's the third one on it. Maybe some kind of shop owner-like a baker or something. Maybe.

I have to do something soon though. Any of you have an idea?


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