Itching and Quitting

I think I have to quit my fake internship. I also have a veritable ankle bracelet of mosquito bites on my legs. They are itchy and the BF is anything but amused.

Back to the quitting.

I know, I know. I'm unemployed, right? An internship looks great on a resume!
But it's...fake.
Faux. A faux internship.

I go to a fairly chic magazine here in town twice a week and fill in at the front desk. I really like everyone there, but I'm not learning a whole lot. Some of it is because I'm not there all day. I originally was going to be, but my brain issues (see here and here) along with some other symptoms prevented me from going all day. It worked out well, I cannot complain. They were very good to me when I was insanely itchy and shaky and unable to think straight, much less answer a phone.

But now, my position might be coming to a bit of an end. And considering I know for a fact that the other interns A)Do more than me and B)Don't look up stuff on the internet all day (Hey! It's all educational! Smithsonian and Scientific American and Ars Technica and whatnot...)...I think I have to quit my faux internship.

I'm hoping it will result in something that pays. And isn't a synonym for fake faux. It sounds more chic that way.


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