Hope and Hanging Out and Olive Oil

The BF gave me some fairly unwanted advice today about the fake faux internship and how I should stick it out until they get rid of me despite me not doing a whole lot, learning a whole lot or anything else for that matter.
While I know he has a point, that doesn't mean I really want to hear it. I'm feeling extraordinarily beaten down these days between that greedy Ms. Mae and soon the Feds are going to want their money too. I need something that pays cold hard cash money.

In the meantime I hung out with my friend Shara who is moving to Denver. I am very sad that she is moving to Denver, as she is basically my bestie here. She was a bit late in meeting me (she had a doctor's appointment) and I went walking through Birmingham.

I generally dislike Birmingham as it can be full of seriously snotty people who aren't ever told no.

They also don't know what a crosswalk is for, or how to not hit someone who is walking through it.

Anyway. There is this olive oil shop that I like and I wandered in to grab a bottle and I saw they were hiring. I chatted with the saleslady and got a bit of a lead on something that looks like full-timeish employment!!
I don't want to say too much now, for fear of totally jinxing it/tempting the wrath from high atop the thing. I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot and don't want to go outside right not to turn around three times and spit.

It's the first time in a bit that I feel hope. It's a strange and exciting and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, which is something I'm really good at doing (by really good I mean really bad, because that means I spend a lot of time getting utterly crushed).

But a little bit of hope is nice. It means I'm not feeling the need to walk into traffic for funsies.


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