Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Which The BF Gets A Name

Yesterday I went over to Andy's house. (And yes, Andy is the BF. I've decided to name him because fuck it, I'm tired of not naming him. It's not a national secret. It's a name.)

So yesterday I went over to Andy's house because we were riding together to a thing at our old theater director's  house-she was showing our high school production of Fiddler on the Roof from 10 years ago. In the process of getting to Andy's house, I got a bit lost. I have obviously been there loads of times before having been dating for the past few years. However, Michigan being Michigan and Summer being Summer-there are loads of orange barrels everywhere.
This means that while I called for directions because I've never done this particular confusing exit correctly, I still managed to screw it up due to a bit of mis-communication and a bit of directional difficulty. Andy was kind of annoyed, which in turn annoyed me because he really should have seen this one coming.

I've been geographically challenged since birth. Driving has only made it worse. And while I can listen to the radio and rock out to some excellent music while I sit in unexpected traffic or look for that exit I should've taken the first time, it doesn't excuse the fact that I've now added 20 minutes to my trip. Rarely does it make me late, but it always makes me tired. It's just exhausting being lost. I'm always calling for directions and my father and learned over the years to take it in stride. Usually Andrew is pretty good about it. My mother doesn't get it at all, she spends her time trying to "teach" me where I am.
Trust me lady, it's far too late for that. One road really is just as good as another. I have the directional ability of a pet rock and it's fine with me.
I tend to measure directions by landmark, number of songs or my somewhat photographic memory. As in "...I think I've been lost somewhere around here before," I say while driving. I then drive some more and the recognize vet's office or an out-of-business toy shop and go "Yes! Turn left!" and resume going in the right direction, merrily forgetting my misfortune. These memories come up while other people drive and then they go, "You've never been here, crazy".
Secret tiem-Yes. Yes, I have. Just not on purpose.

It's exhausting, getting lost. I'll just take a right up here, thanks. It looks like a nice road and whether I'm supposed to be on it or not, who knows. I'm sure I'll get to where I'm going at some point. Who knows. One road is just as good as the next.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Which I'm Kinda Sad Today

It's been approximately a week since I've been "let go". I've been spending my time applying to jobs like a maniac, of course. It finally occurred to me that I should take advantage of the weather and do it outside on our patio.

Yesterday I was contacted by a recruiter for a position near-ish to home. I'm very much hoping it works out because while it's nice to sit on the patio and apply to jobs, it's also very easy to get discouraged.
Besides-there's only so much time I can spend at home with my mother.

In other news (and I won't spend long on it because there are already so many others saying so many more eloquent things on him), I am positively heartbroken over the loss of Robin Williams. I found out yesterday via the twitter and just started crying. Perhaps it's pent up sadness over a number of things, but I can't help but think we've lost yet another great talent to that horrible beast Depression and his awful cousin, Substance Abuse. I can only hope this opens up a dialogue that stays open. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

In Which The Coffee Shop Closes

Today is the first day that I'm like, for realsies unemployed. I didn't have the OfficeJob to go to, I didn't have to go to the Giant Green Monster, I had nothing. It was kind of depressing.

It was also depressing because I went to pick up a coffee (decaf, because that's how I do now) from my first coffee shop, which is closing. Peet's Coffee and Tea was the place I worked for back in November and I left there about...March-ish? I'm naming them now because they've decided to pull out of Michigan and part of Ohio. They're closing 5 stores here in Michigan, leaving the ones in Ann Arbor and Grosse Pointe. My store, Commerce, closed today at 12. A lot of nice people lost their jobs and it sucks.

I mostly got the job there because my friend, Cheryl, got it for me. I worked with her back in my Biggby days and she knew I was looking for work. I ended up liking it there quite a bit. But as we remember, they went on an hour-cutting spree and I was only working 10 hours a week. While I could watch a lot of Olympics, I didn't make a lot of money. So I made the decision to go somewhere else and we all know how that turned out.

She's moving to Austin and I'm going to miss her. She (and my mother, for that matter) wants me to move down there, but I'm just not sure yet. On a day like today, I can't see myself leaving Michigan. It's perfect here.

But if I could live somewhere where it was like this all the time...I could give up snow. And if I could get a decaf iced coffee...don't even.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Which I Wish I Wasn't Right

Well, looks like I hit the nail right on the head.

Dad and I went out to eat last night and I developed some pretty tremendous stomach cramps last night...maybe midnight-ish? It made for rough sleeping, lemme tell you. I tossed, I turned. I put my hair up in case I threw up (which I was almost hoping for because I thought it might make me feel better). I even put on a hoodie because I had some cold sweats. I took my hoodie off because I then got insanely hot. I went into the bathroom and sat on the floor for a bit, next to the toilet to inspire vomit-y thoughts.
It didn't work.
I went back to bed to keep tearing up the sheets.
I was also just a tiny bit worried about missing my alarm, as I am apt to do (worry that is, not miss my alarm). In the long run, it's safe to say that I slept for absolute shit.

Then I got to wake up early to go into the office only to find out my boss was running late. Of course, I made excellent time. I admit, that part was a fluke. Sometimes Woodward is free and clear and sometimes it's a total clusterfuck.

As I suspected, who got fired?
I got fired.
He didn't do it in so many words, but that's the gist of the situation. Evidently I've been screwing up for weeks and no one has been really telling me. I've had a few gentle reminders to get spelling of people's names right, but beyond that? Not a lot. I guess it was, according to him, a learning experience for them as well. Since I was only there 10 hours a week, some things were routine, but then a lot of stuff wouldn't be. I had the other office manager to text to ask questions, but it was a clunky system to ask for help and I think it didn't work nearly as well as they expected. I also think there weren't as many clients as they thought to make it worth their while.

The only upside? I won't have to put up with that goddamn printer/scanner thing. That fucking thing had it in for me.

So once again I'm unemployed and on the job hunt. I'm hoping the next one doesn't, you know...end poorly or suck.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Which Things May Go From Bad To Worse

I've been super frustrated with my job lately. I work at the therapists' place super part time and while I've been trained, I feel like a lot of things come up that I haven't been trained on. I admit I have made a few mistakes, but I do my best. (I still want to kill that printer though)

I get a text today asking if I can come in tomorrow at 9 to "go over a few things". To me, this smells like I'm getting fired. My first reaction is disappointment and general upset-ness. This, of course, is a great reaction to have in the middle of the grocery store. Crying openly over the avocados is really my favorite thing to do.

As my shopping trip progressed, my feelings morphed from sheer sadness of being unemployed (once again) to vague annoyance. I'm frustrated that this might happen over the fact that things come up and I've been potentially expected to deal with them. While I understand that I've made mistake and have attempted to rectify them, some of these things are beyond my control. I don't always have the resources at my disposal to deal with everything because I'm not always in the loop. It's super frustrating because it paints me as a moron.

I'm just tired of feeling this way. It's been a day. I bought an Oprah magazine and an Aero bar and am settling in with some Grey's Anatomy in the meantime.

Monday, August 4, 2014

In Which I Dream of Killing The Scanner/Printer

Since I've left the Giant Green Monster, I've been working part time at a therapists' office. It's nice, not dealing with the general public. Well, I mean, I am dealing with the general public, but it's different. Talking to people over the phone and making appointments is a far cry from stirring 7/8ths of a Splenda into someone's coffee and then being told they wanted only 3/4ths of one and having to start over.

Needless to say, on a whole, I'm happier.

However, I'm fairly sure the printer is out to get me.
I spend my days scanning old patient files in an attempt to free up space and go digital. Oh, and there's something about being "environmentally friendly" and "recycling". Yeah, sure, kind to the earth vegan hippy whatever. That too.

I scan these files by putting these pieces of paper in the top tray of one those crazy all-in-one printer/scan/fax//copy/make-you-a-sandwich machines (this one is an HP) and it feeds it in and does the rest. It'll even do double-sided stuff. Frankly, I find this magical.

Sometimes, though, I just find it to be bullshit. Some of the files have a lot of legal pad paper and apparently Mr. High and Mighty Scanner Thing is too good for it and it jams something fierce. Sometimes I can get it out, but today it seems I cannot. This means I had to write HP (and have they written back? OF COURSE NOT) and tell me of my problem in the hopes they feel it important enough to deal with in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, I scan files on the flatbed glass. One sheet at a time. I come back to the computer to click "Next Page" and then switch the sheets on the glass and this process repeats for like, 40+ pages sometimes.

It's only a matter of time before I go all Office Space on this fucking thing.

Friday, August 1, 2014

In Which I Learn About Other Roads

A little over a week ago the BF and I had dinner with a close friend of ours, Alison. Alison moved here to get her PhD at U of M and she grew up in Massachusetts. We, on the other hand, obviously grew up here.

While having a delicious meal she brought up the point that it made her terribly nervous to drive down to meet us because she had to get on the freeway.
"All those cars," she said, "going in the same direction. In the same way. Parallel to one another. It's...unnatural," she finished ominously.
At this point the BF and I just looked at each other and then back at her before giggling.

She went on to try to defend herself, but it was kind of useless. I found it very endearing (and still do) how our 5 lane highways-and our 5 lane roads for that matter-throw her for a loop. Apparently, other states don't do this. Other states also follow the speed limit. This is something that doesn't really happen here. We're a bigger fan of driving the route number. On I-96? Great. On I-275? Look out. And M-14? Welcome to the Autobahn where cruise control can be your best friend and reaching for your cup of coffee is something you really want to think twice about.

My mother used to be put off by all those cars moving at once as well, but frankly, it's something I've never thought about. If anything, I find it soothing. I mean, of course you have to look out for the asshole who's going to try to kill you, but aren't you always looking out for those people? The only difference is that here on the road they're in a car and someplace else they've got a shopping cart to push you into the fresh fruit or a 2x4 at the Home Depot to beat you over the head with.

I'll take my chances in the car, thanks. At least I have my HD radio.