Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In Which It's A Giant Load Of Shit

I fully admit to having stayed away from here because I had a follow up interview to the law place and it was horrible and I didn't really want to talk about it.
Also, come to find out, I was actually sicker than I thought I was (according to the doctor) and so that's been really fun.

The short version of that follow up interview is that, well, I had a follow up interview with the owner of the law firm and it ended up being horrible. He asked me all sorts of inappropriate and fairly illegal questions. How do I know they're illegal, you might ask? I googled them.
Seriously. Like, all of them come up on loads of websites.


I answered all of his questions, mostly because I didn't really know what else to do. Had I been thinking straight, I would've been all "Listen jerk, I'm not answering this because it has absolutely nothing to do with anything and so move on".
But I didn't.
So the interview ended and I went home and felt vaguely dirty and told my mother about it and she was frothing at the mouth. Shara was not thrilled and if Andy was upset, he didn't say anything. Actually, I never got a read on how he felt on the whole thing, whether he thought I was stupid for answering or it was a trick or if he was mad at the guy or what.

Shara helped me craft an e mail that basically said "What the fuck?" in business and polite terms. In response, I got a whole lot of bullshit about protecting the company from unscrupulous people and crap like that.
Give me a motherfucking break.

That whole episode was a giant load of shit.

All I have to say is, thank Christ above I leave for vacation this week. Disneyworld and then the TCM Classic Movie Cruise. I honestly cannot wait.

Friday, October 3, 2014


The weather here has had the nerve to go and change to something resembling "Fall".

Frankly, I'm offended. For the last few weeks before we've been lucky and it's been ridiculously nice. And when I say nice, I mean like, 70+ degrees everyday. This means I've been riding my bicycle everyday around the neighborhood, since Andy made me bring it home with me. At first I kind of thought he was being a bit silly. But with the weather being so agreeable, I couldn't help but take it for a spin.

But now? It's overcast and rainy and bullshit. And over the weekend I think we have a frost advisory.

I had a few interviews earlier in the week and I fully admit to having high hopes for them. I've gone and made the tragic error of getting my hopes up for one of the jobs. I think I'd be good at it and it would be interesting.
Needless to say, they haven't called, written or sent a carrier pigeon. I'm doing my best to not be completely distraught, but it's not going well. I've developed a bit of a cold instead and that's currently serving as an admirable distraction.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Which I Sleep In The Middle

As of late, I have been sliding off my pillows to the center of my bed, turning diagonal and letting my feet dangle off the edge of the bed. This means that I now basically sleep in the geographic center of the bed, much like my dear sweet cat Callie used to do. I feel like this means something, but I don't know what.

Last week I got a call from a staffing company and I went in for an interview. I've never worked with a staffing company before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Come to find out, they were located right by school, so they weren't hard to find. The other thing that was nice, was the actual interview itself. I have been getting a case of the nerves lately when it comes to interviews (which is why I didn't get the last batch of jobs-well, the one job. The other one was a call center job and was weird and I didn't really want it to begin with, but that's neither here nor there.) and I didn't want to screw up this interview as well. But it seems that I did okay. The staffing woman was incredibly friendly and put me at ease. She strongly reminded me of the movie Dave, where he has his staffing agency and "Everyone works on Monday".
I don't know. It was nice. It was encouraging.
It made me tear up on the ride home. I'm just hoping she can help. I want to hold on to whatever hope she can give.

In other news, it's turned cold here in the Motor City. And by cold, I mean...60's. I was so hoping for a bit more of summer. And by summer, I mean...70's. We've gotten off pretty lucky this season, so I can't complain too much. But last week we had a few days of mid-70's in the daytime and it was absolute bliss. It was the kind of weather you want for weeks on end, you want to ride your bike in and sit outside in and do all sorts of things in. However, it looks as though Fall is here to stay and I just can't get excited about it. I'm also not excited about the potential cold Fall might have given me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In Which Job Hunting Is Quite Literally The Worst

Job hunting is just the worst. The absolute worst.

I think I've been unemployed for about a month now and it seems that I've been pounding the Internet pavement forever, or so it seems. I'm doing my best to stay on a regular schedule so I don't get out of whack and I know that can happen to me real easy. I'm also trying to have a few hobbies. What I really need to do , while the weather is still nice anyway, is bring home my bicycle and ride it around.
I found duolingo.com to help me brush up on my French and Italian and that helps break up the monotony. I also aim to apply to a minimum number of jobs per day to help me feel like I've accomplished something. But I also just don't apply randomly or half-assedly. I try to be selective. It's really fun being me these days.


I did get a few interviews last week, which was nice. One ended up being for a call center job for a kind of odd talent agency place. I couldn't get a good read on the place - I just didn't feel right about them. It was right before the Labor Day holiday and they wanted to know if I could start the next day (the interview was Thursday). While I'm unemployed, I kinda thought that was weird? Did I come off that desperate? I told them I was going out-of-town with my family for the weekend-which isn't out of the question given the holiday weekend thing-and they immediately backed down and I ended up not getting the job that same day.
Like I said. Kinda weird. Turns out Andy had an interview there for an IT gig and he got the same kinda weird/sketch vibe and they also wanted him to start the next day and he was like...no.

I also had an interview with a small auto parts seller near-ish the house. I don't think I came off well in the interview because I haven't heard back since. I already wrote back thanking him for the meeting. That job would've been "part-time", aka 30 hours a week. I would've liked that a lot.

What I have to focus on so far is that I've had interviews. And I have an interview this Friday with a place out in Jackson. This place would be salaried, which is kind of exciting. On the other hand, it is in Jackson.
Maybe I could move to Ann Arbor.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Which The BF Gets A Name

Yesterday I went over to Andy's house. (And yes, Andy is the BF. I've decided to name him because fuck it, I'm tired of not naming him. It's not a national secret. It's a name.)

So yesterday I went over to Andy's house because we were riding together to a thing at our old theater director's  house-she was showing our high school production of Fiddler on the Roof from 10 years ago. In the process of getting to Andy's house, I got a bit lost. I have obviously been there loads of times before having been dating for the past few years. However, Michigan being Michigan and Summer being Summer-there are loads of orange barrels everywhere.
This means that while I called for directions because I've never done this particular confusing exit correctly, I still managed to screw it up due to a bit of mis-communication and a bit of directional difficulty. Andy was kind of annoyed, which in turn annoyed me because he really should have seen this one coming.

I've been geographically challenged since birth. Driving has only made it worse. And while I can listen to the radio and rock out to some excellent music while I sit in unexpected traffic or look for that exit I should've taken the first time, it doesn't excuse the fact that I've now added 20 minutes to my trip. Rarely does it make me late, but it always makes me tired. It's just exhausting being lost. I'm always calling for directions and my father and learned over the years to take it in stride. Usually Andrew is pretty good about it. My mother doesn't get it at all, she spends her time trying to "teach" me where I am.
Trust me lady, it's far too late for that. One road really is just as good as another. I have the directional ability of a pet rock and it's fine with me.
I tend to measure directions by landmark, number of songs or my somewhat photographic memory. As in "...I think I've been lost somewhere around here before," I say while driving. I then drive some more and the recognize vet's office or an out-of-business toy shop and go "Yes! Turn left!" and resume going in the right direction, merrily forgetting my misfortune. These memories come up while other people drive and then they go, "You've never been here, crazy".
Secret tiem-Yes. Yes, I have. Just not on purpose.

It's exhausting, getting lost. I'll just take a right up here, thanks. It looks like a nice road and whether I'm supposed to be on it or not, who knows. I'm sure I'll get to where I'm going at some point. Who knows. One road is just as good as the next.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Which I'm Kinda Sad Today

It's been approximately a week since I've been "let go". I've been spending my time applying to jobs like a maniac, of course. It finally occurred to me that I should take advantage of the weather and do it outside on our patio.

Yesterday I was contacted by a recruiter for a position near-ish to home. I'm very much hoping it works out because while it's nice to sit on the patio and apply to jobs, it's also very easy to get discouraged.
Besides-there's only so much time I can spend at home with my mother.

In other news (and I won't spend long on it because there are already so many others saying so many more eloquent things on him), I am positively heartbroken over the loss of Robin Williams. I found out yesterday via the twitter and just started crying. Perhaps it's pent up sadness over a number of things, but I can't help but think we've lost yet another great talent to that horrible beast Depression and his awful cousin, Substance Abuse. I can only hope this opens up a dialogue that stays open. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

In Which The Coffee Shop Closes

Today is the first day that I'm like, for realsies unemployed. I didn't have the OfficeJob to go to, I didn't have to go to the Giant Green Monster, I had nothing. It was kind of depressing.

It was also depressing because I went to pick up a coffee (decaf, because that's how I do now) from my first coffee shop, which is closing. Peet's Coffee and Tea was the place I worked for back in November and I left there about...March-ish? I'm naming them now because they've decided to pull out of Michigan and part of Ohio. They're closing 5 stores here in Michigan, leaving the ones in Ann Arbor and Grosse Pointe. My store, Commerce, closed today at 12. A lot of nice people lost their jobs and it sucks.

I mostly got the job there because my friend, Cheryl, got it for me. I worked with her back in my Biggby days and she knew I was looking for work. I ended up liking it there quite a bit. But as we remember, they went on an hour-cutting spree and I was only working 10 hours a week. While I could watch a lot of Olympics, I didn't make a lot of money. So I made the decision to go somewhere else and we all know how that turned out.

She's moving to Austin and I'm going to miss her. She (and my mother, for that matter) wants me to move down there, but I'm just not sure yet. On a day like today, I can't see myself leaving Michigan. It's perfect here.

But if I could live somewhere where it was like this all the time...I could give up snow. And if I could get a decaf iced coffee...don't even.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Which I Wish I Wasn't Right

Well, looks like I hit the nail right on the head.

Dad and I went out to eat last night and I developed some pretty tremendous stomach cramps last night...maybe midnight-ish? It made for rough sleeping, lemme tell you. I tossed, I turned. I put my hair up in case I threw up (which I was almost hoping for because I thought it might make me feel better). I even put on a hoodie because I had some cold sweats. I took my hoodie off because I then got insanely hot. I went into the bathroom and sat on the floor for a bit, next to the toilet to inspire vomit-y thoughts.
It didn't work.
I went back to bed to keep tearing up the sheets.
I was also just a tiny bit worried about missing my alarm, as I am apt to do (worry that is, not miss my alarm). In the long run, it's safe to say that I slept for absolute shit.

Then I got to wake up early to go into the office only to find out my boss was running late. Of course, I made excellent time. I admit, that part was a fluke. Sometimes Woodward is free and clear and sometimes it's a total clusterfuck.

As I suspected, who got fired?
I got fired.
He didn't do it in so many words, but that's the gist of the situation. Evidently I've been screwing up for weeks and no one has been really telling me. I've had a few gentle reminders to get spelling of people's names right, but beyond that? Not a lot. I guess it was, according to him, a learning experience for them as well. Since I was only there 10 hours a week, some things were routine, but then a lot of stuff wouldn't be. I had the other office manager to text to ask questions, but it was a clunky system to ask for help and I think it didn't work nearly as well as they expected. I also think there weren't as many clients as they thought to make it worth their while.

The only upside? I won't have to put up with that goddamn printer/scanner thing. That fucking thing had it in for me.

So once again I'm unemployed and on the job hunt. I'm hoping the next one doesn't, you know...end poorly or suck.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Which Things May Go From Bad To Worse

I've been super frustrated with my job lately. I work at the therapists' place super part time and while I've been trained, I feel like a lot of things come up that I haven't been trained on. I admit I have made a few mistakes, but I do my best. (I still want to kill that printer though)

I get a text today asking if I can come in tomorrow at 9 to "go over a few things". To me, this smells like I'm getting fired. My first reaction is disappointment and general upset-ness. This, of course, is a great reaction to have in the middle of the grocery store. Crying openly over the avocados is really my favorite thing to do.

As my shopping trip progressed, my feelings morphed from sheer sadness of being unemployed (once again) to vague annoyance. I'm frustrated that this might happen over the fact that things come up and I've been potentially expected to deal with them. While I understand that I've made mistake and have attempted to rectify them, some of these things are beyond my control. I don't always have the resources at my disposal to deal with everything because I'm not always in the loop. It's super frustrating because it paints me as a moron.

I'm just tired of feeling this way. It's been a day. I bought an Oprah magazine and an Aero bar and am settling in with some Grey's Anatomy in the meantime.

Monday, August 4, 2014

In Which I Dream of Killing The Scanner/Printer

Since I've left the Giant Green Monster, I've been working part time at a therapists' office. It's nice, not dealing with the general public. Well, I mean, I am dealing with the general public, but it's different. Talking to people over the phone and making appointments is a far cry from stirring 7/8ths of a Splenda into someone's coffee and then being told they wanted only 3/4ths of one and having to start over.

Needless to say, on a whole, I'm happier.

However, I'm fairly sure the printer is out to get me.
I spend my days scanning old patient files in an attempt to free up space and go digital. Oh, and there's something about being "environmentally friendly" and "recycling". Yeah, sure, kind to the earth vegan hippy whatever. That too.

I scan these files by putting these pieces of paper in the top tray of one those crazy all-in-one printer/scan/fax//copy/make-you-a-sandwich machines (this one is an HP) and it feeds it in and does the rest. It'll even do double-sided stuff. Frankly, I find this magical.

Sometimes, though, I just find it to be bullshit. Some of the files have a lot of legal pad paper and apparently Mr. High and Mighty Scanner Thing is too good for it and it jams something fierce. Sometimes I can get it out, but today it seems I cannot. This means I had to write HP (and have they written back? OF COURSE NOT) and tell me of my problem in the hopes they feel it important enough to deal with in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, I scan files on the flatbed glass. One sheet at a time. I come back to the computer to click "Next Page" and then switch the sheets on the glass and this process repeats for like, 40+ pages sometimes.

It's only a matter of time before I go all Office Space on this fucking thing.

Friday, August 1, 2014

In Which I Learn About Other Roads

A little over a week ago the BF and I had dinner with a close friend of ours, Alison. Alison moved here to get her PhD at U of M and she grew up in Massachusetts. We, on the other hand, obviously grew up here.

While having a delicious meal she brought up the point that it made her terribly nervous to drive down to meet us because she had to get on the freeway.
"All those cars," she said, "going in the same direction. In the same way. Parallel to one another. It's...unnatural," she finished ominously.
At this point the BF and I just looked at each other and then back at her before giggling.

She went on to try to defend herself, but it was kind of useless. I found it very endearing (and still do) how our 5 lane highways-and our 5 lane roads for that matter-throw her for a loop. Apparently, other states don't do this. Other states also follow the speed limit. This is something that doesn't really happen here. We're a bigger fan of driving the route number. On I-96? Great. On I-275? Look out. And M-14? Welcome to the Autobahn where cruise control can be your best friend and reaching for your cup of coffee is something you really want to think twice about.

My mother used to be put off by all those cars moving at once as well, but frankly, it's something I've never thought about. If anything, I find it soothing. I mean, of course you have to look out for the asshole who's going to try to kill you, but aren't you always looking out for those people? The only difference is that here on the road they're in a car and someplace else they've got a shopping cart to push you into the fresh fruit or a 2x4 at the Home Depot to beat you over the head with.

I'll take my chances in the car, thanks. At least I have my HD radio.

Monday, July 21, 2014

In Which I Go Dancing

I went out dancing the other night with my friend Sharell and it reminded me of how I went out dancing the week before and did not recount this truly excellent story.

(Sidenote-when I say I go out dancing, I do not mean that I put on a tiny dress and go out and twerk or drop it like it's hot or whatever the kids are doing these days. I'm white. I'm far too clumsy to drop it like it's hot. I'm more apt to just drop it. In fact, my friend Emily has always threatened to buy me this shirt, which I think it's a lot more fitting.
So when I say I go out dancing, I mean I go out to my local Arthur Murray and get my foxtrot on. Or rumba. Or if I'm feeling really ambitious, my salsa. I dig ballroom, okay?)

Back to my story -

Sharell and I met up to do our ballroom thing and it was fun, as it usually is. I enjoy dancing. It's fun. I just wish it weren't so expensive, but that's not the point.

Our dancing party let out at the super late hour of 10 pm because that's how the Arthur Murray rolls on a Friday night (whatwhat). Sharell and I proceeded to hang out in the parking lot for a while and catch up, which is how we roll.

Eventually the bugs on a July night in Michigan get to be too much for us, so we go sit in her car to keep on talking. Time flies when you're having fun and next thing you know, it's 11:30 pm.

While we've been sitting there, many people have come into the lot trying to go to the nearby Subway, despite the fact that it's obviously closed. We laugh at them because well...it's 11 o'clock. Do you really need your Spicy Italian at that hour? (Answer-Yes. Yes, they do.)

The Law and Order section of the evening starts right before we both decided to go home. One of the final cars to pull into the lot was something I've dubbed a Mini-Hearse. It had some of its' windows blacked out and they, strangely enough, did not attempt to go to the Subway. They pulled into the lot so they could watch us all creepy style from their drivers side window. Sharell and I noticed and watched them through her rear-view mirror and her side-view mirror (respectively) and decided it was totally weird.

It then got weirder when I went to my car and he def watched me walk the 20 feet like I was an all-you-can-eat buffet (Sharell obviously stayed to make sure I got in my car in one piece). We both pulled out and apparently, so did Creepy Mini-Hearse. He didn't seem to follow either of us, but like, is that not the beginning of a Dateline or a 20/20? I totally called the BF on the way back to his house to be like "I AM COMING, JUST SO YOU KNOW".
He then was like "Omfg, that was so unsafe, I cannot even with you," and locked all the doors to his house (something he never does ever) and turned off all the lights, too. It was adorable and kind of overprotective and even though he thinks it's weird that I'll have me a Murder Marathon, it's good to know that I probably won't be starring in one anytime soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

In Which I Turn 28

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week away from the Giant Green Monster. I had my final shift this past Sunday and was pleased to see that there were no more shenanigans, no more tom foolery, no more general bullshit. I was off the schedule.
I was free. Correction-I am free.

But before that I had to work one shift before my birthday (and then an uneventful shift after my birthday, but we're really gathered here to talk about my birthday).

We here in Metro Detroit had a doozy of a storm just before the 4th, but shockingly enough my house got through unphased. I woke up just before the shit hit the fan and thought I should plug in my phone because God knows if I spend any time without it I'll probably keel over. A few minutes later the lightning and thunder showed up with Mother Nature to show us who's boss (pro-tip: not us). My house didn't lose power and I flipped her the bird on the way out.
Bad Move.

In the morning it turned out we had lost our cable, our phones (landline) and our Internet. We also had blown a few fuses and I had to go into the craphole of a basement to reset them. After donning full basement gear (a hoodie with the hood up, sleeves pulled over the hands and a flashlight), I went down to fight the fuse box. However, unbeknownst to me, when our house was rewired back in December we had entered the early 20th Century with toggle switch fuses. This means I had absolutely no idea how they worked. Luckily for me, my mother had already called my father, who was attempting to explain how they work over the phone. Being my father's daughter, I snatched the phone right out of her hand and spoke directly to the source while she walked away muttering, "You are just like your father."

Once I learned how 1960's tech worked, I got the house somewhat functioning.

Of course, karma being the bitch she is (or maybe she's a sister of Mother Nature, who knows) we lost power later that evening. DTE told us we wouldn't get it back until after July 4th, meaning after my birthday, after the party I was having and more importantly, after the homemade birthday cake I would be making. Which would have to be at Le Boyfriend's house, since we didn't have any power.

But to cut a not very interesting story even shorter, DTE got their shit together and we got power back in a timely fashion for the party which was a success and I made a cake at my own house for my 28th birthday.

It was a homemade yellow layer cake with lemon butter cream, in case you were wondering.

Friday, June 27, 2014

In Which, I Though I Was Done

Yesterday was originally my last shift at the coffee shop. However, when I went in earlier this week, I saw my name down on the schedule for next week. I was obviously confused, as I had put in my two weeks notice. I knew this, my manager knew this, my coworkers knew this, even you all on the internet knew this. And yet, there I was. On the schedule. I was even scheduled on my birthday, which was a big ol' Hell No - 2 weeks notice or otherwise.
It took some work to pin my manager to the wall to see what the eff had happened. I maintain she was doing her best to avoid me - our District Manager had just come through and dinged us for a bunch of stuff we were doing wrong and I suspect she was in some mildly deep shit. That being said - I don't really care. This whole "Working beyond my 2 weeks" thing is kind of important. My fellow coworkers asked whether or not I was going to show up-because I didn't really have to and they wouldn't blame me if I didn't.
I frankly found that upsetting, that they lived in a world that if I ditched them, they'd be resigned to it.
Once my manager used her Grown Up Words, it was revealed that it was either put me on the schedule or cancel her vacation.
Now, I'm not really a cold hard bitch like that. I don't wanna see anyone cancel their vacation, no matter how much I don't like working there. However - I basically said, "What's in it for me?" and we went from there. I maneuvered my way from a lot of hours not-so-many hours and my manager gets her holiday. (And I'm sooooooooo not working my birthday).

Like Bing Crosby says - Everyone's working a little angle. I have no problem working it to my advantage if I have to.

In completely unrelated news...

I had to go to the dentist earlier this week and worked myself into a veritable tizzy over it. I haven't seen a dentist since I was about 26 and lost my dental insurance due to aging out. I also haven't seen a dentist because the dentist I was seeing died.
...I really liked my dentist. I used to be terrified of him, but he was really excellent. And then he died. I wasn't terribly keen on finding another one who didn't scare the living crap out of me. Not having insurance also didn't help the situation. He did a lot of work on my mouth-probably bought him a condo in Boca or something.

Well, fast forward to this past weekend. I had a bit of a toothache, but ignored it. I grind my teeth like a maniac when I sleep and thought maybe it was from that. I've had teeth hurt from doing it in the past, but the ache has gone away (despite wearing a mouthpiece - I'm super sexy when I drool, just ask the BF).
This tooth, however, just kept on hurting. So on Monday I make an appointment with the BFs dentist, whom he says is superb. I tell him he had better be, or I'll kill him later.
I drive myself over in a state of near hysteria and end up feeling kind of stupid because the dentist ended up taking an x-ray and poking the tooth and doing nothing else.
It turns out the tooth that hurts has had some serious work done in the past (root canal and crown) and basically shouldn't be hurting. It's a long story as to why it might be hurting, but I'm on an antibiotic now and it's helping.

It also tastes like ass.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

And Now, The End Is Near

Well, gentle readers, it seems the end is nigh.

My boyfriend has been telling me, every single day to quit my job. He comes up with legitimate reasons and things I like to call "raisins", which are reasons, but crazy. "
Did you read that book I lent you?" "...No." "You should quit your job!"  <-- This is a raisin.

My friend Shara has told me to quit my job. Emily has been added to the list, as has my mother. I genuinely didn't see that one coming, as she's not usually one for quitting things that pay you. Even the lady who sells me my prescriptions at Target has told me I should quit my job.
I feel like when basic strangers, the people you run into once in a while, when they tell you to quit your job, maybe you should listen.

I've been weebling and struggling with this choice for the last week but as my hands/wrists have hurt me a lot and it looks like my store doesn't really care all that much about it, I think the time has come. I also was talking in the parking lot with another employee today, Kyle, who has been at this place a bit longer than I have. He's equally frustrated with things and considering putting in his two weeks notice as well.

Besides the health issues and the mental health issues (I'm just so miserable), there are other things that drive me insane. For instance-we run out of cups. Or vanilla. Or iced coffee. Apparently keeping things in stock is a bitch and so we've just chosen to not do that. Few things make you look as stupid as when you hand out one "large" coffee in 2 small cups because you don't have the large or the medium cups anymore.

So for the safety of my body (actual physic health, wrist/hand pain, tremor, burn, whatever) and the safety of my mind, I'm putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow.

Happy Pre-Birthday to me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Should Start Adding Fotos To These

Last I checked in, my intrepid readers, I hated my job.

...I still do.

Yesterday I went to the doctor because my hands were giving me grief like whoa. (Which leads me to a brief sidenote-when did the ENTIRE INTERNET forget how to spell the word "whoa"? WHEN? HOW? It seems to have mutated into this bastardization of this thing, woah, which is not how it's spelled. Woah is not in the dictionary. Woah is not found in the OED. Do you know what is? WHOA. W H O A. That is all for today's spelling lesson.)

My hands - and my forearms - have been giving me grief. They're numb, they hurt, they tingle. It came upon me kind of suddenly and that didn't sit well with me. I made an appointment with my regular doctor, as I have an appointment with my neurologist next Thursday and I'm really rather impatient.

My doctor decided it was either one of the uckiest cases of tendonitis/carpal tunnel (in both hands because yey) he's seen in years, or it's a side effect of my super awesome tremor disorder. In the meantime, I get to wear stupid looking wrist braces. In a fit of awesomeness, the CVS I stopped at on the way to work didn't have one for my left wrist. That's probably a good thing as I don't think I could wear both of these silly things and do my job.

I'm supposed to wear them even when I sleep. I'm extra sexy these days. I've got two weeks of wrist shenans, unless the neuro tells me otherwise.

or I quit.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Achy Breaky (Hands)

It's been about two months at the new coffee shop and it's safe to say that it totally blows. I've grown to hate basically every second of it.

I mean, I don't mind the people all that much (my co-workers, that is). They are, for the most part, perfectly fine. Some are more helpful than others, which I'm sure you find anywhere. A few of them suffer from a slight case of the "holier than thou"-itis. I'm not sure if it's because they've been there a while or because they just have that inflated sense of self that leads to that particular condition, but it can make working with them fairly annoying and tiresome.
However, they're not my main problem.

My main problem are the customers.
Just customers in general, for that matter. For every customer that is kind and not horrible, there are at least 10 that I'd like to push into oncoming traffic. They're rude and they're pushy and they're demeaning and I cannot begin to comprehend how they think treating other people like crap is okay.
It just drives me absolutely insane.

There is also the new physical aspect of this job. This particular store is absolutely insanely busy, which is a new thing for me. My previous coffee shops weren't nearly as busy by a long shot. This means that everything we're doing, we're doing at warp speed.
Lately, my hands have been hurting like whoa. They hurt when I'm at work, they hurt when I'm home, they hurt when I'm sleeping. They hurt when I'm typing this. I'm honestly not sure how much longer I can keep it up, physically. My hands aching this much is just becoming a nuisance and makes me miserable.

Oh. And my broken toe is still giving me grief, not to mention the 2nd degree burn I gave myself on my other foot. That was a doozy of a blister.
Can I quit yet?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Working My Way Back To You

I have probably, four blogs, when it's all said and done. At least. I find that when I'm agitated, restless, have nothing to say (which isn't ever really the case, but I do go silent on the interwebs), or for no other particular reason, I just move on out of one blog and into another.

I'm tempted to do the same here and I'm doing my damnedest not to. My toe is still somewhat broken, here at the two week mark and putting on shoes is the worst. I go to work and it isn't as bad as it once was. That being said, it still blows. There are a number of other things that make working at the coffee shop positively horrible.
For instance, we run out of ice. A lot. And now that it's warmer out and we're selling loads of iced drinks and frozen drinks we go through ice like Sherman through Georgia. Our manager, while nice, takes FOREVER to send someone next door to get ice from the pizza joint so people can get their blessed iced coffee. In the meantime, the other baristas yell at me as if it's my fault we've run out of ice (clearly). My temper has been on a very short fuse lately and it makes going to work and coming home just the absolute worst.

This short temper thing, so far, hasn't bled over (I hope) into other parts of my life too much. I'm job hunting something fierce and writing cover letters like a maniac. I think I'm going to try a new resume format soon if something doesn't turn up because I don't think I can stand it at the coffee shop much longer. It's the absolute worst these days.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broken Toes Hurt

So upon looking back at my chat history, it seems that way back on April 19, I was over at the BFs house because I had work one morning (early). I stay there when I work late one night and then have to turn around at work at like...5 or 6 am the following morning.

This particular morning I was getting ready for work and I was looking for my shoes and in the dark, managed to kick his dog's cage.
Needless to say, that shit hurt.

So what did I do? I popped a few aspirin, shoved my feet in my shoes and went off to work.

My foot never got better and if anything, I was convinced it had gotten worse. My dad was sort of under the opinion I was being a weenie, but I think he always thinks that, so we frankly don't hold much water with what he thinks (when it comes to me hurting myself that is).

I finally got myself to a doctor yesterday after ten days of trying to get my foot in a shoe brought me to tears (as did working 8 hours a day, but that's a different story). The Dr took an x-ray and my pinky toe is broken something fierce. I even got to take a look at said x-ray and it was blatantly obvious to the untrained eye that my poor toe is in pieces.

The result of all of this means that I'm off work for a week, I'm wearing a boot on my foot and I'm sending my resume out so I don't have to go back to the GGM for very long because while my toe will eventually get better, my sense of existential ennui will not.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

March Sucked

March was a big, fat, giant pain in my ass.

-My dear, sweet, wonderful kitty died and I miss her everyday.
-I ended up leaving my old coffee shop for a new coffee shop (to be written about more later).
-My boyfriend's dog died too, which sucked.
-My friend Cheryl, her cat died.

March sucked.

Regarding the job thing--

As we all know, I wasn't getting the hours at my old shop by a long shot. I was basically unemployed, which was nice during the Olympics as I saw a lot of coverage. I mean a lot of coverage. Being a sports fan, it was fun.
Hoping to do things like...have money? Not so much.

So I applied to the Giant Green Monster that everyone knows about and has been to and has driven by and whatnot. I ended up getting the job, with the promise of approximately 40 hours a week.
This was a considerable upgrade from my usual 10.

I started at the very end of March/early April with trepidation. It's the first time in my life that I had left one job for another. In the past I had always had a period of unemployment or school or something. It's almost like something grown-ups would do.

We're about a month in and I kind of loathe it. I was hoping (I guess) to be able to make this into a mini career or something, maybe some kind of management? Either way, I was hoping I would like it more than I did (than I do).
But I don't.
There are a number of factors that prevent me from liking this gig. Some of this you'll hear about, some you probably won't. Regardless, I've got to go on the job hunt. Again.

I suppose that's it for the moment, catching up on the exhausting March that isn't worth mentioning and April that's basically coming to a close. I'm hoping for something good to happen soon? That probably won't be tomorrow though, as I've got a follow up with my lady doctor and we both know he never gives out good news.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This is a story of a girl and her cat.

It might be the catalyst to her becoming a crazy cat lady, but only time will tell.

When she was ten, there was a big electrical storm in her neighborhood. Her house, being very old, lost power as did many others.

Being an inquisitive child, she and her father went for a walk around the neighborhood to see the damage. It was also a great way to keep her entertained, since the t.v. was out.

During that walk, a small kitten followed them home. She was a calico kitten, adorable as the day is long. Obviously having marked these two humans for suckers (especially the big, tall, older one), she thought she had maybe found a home. The girl and her father took her home for fear of something bad happening to her during the power outage, much less a small cat out on her own anyway. 

The family put up posters and flyers to see if this kitten belonged to anyone, but that didn't seem to be the case. The only call they got was from a neighbor saying he had seen kids playing with her, but they didn't belong to her. 

This news was quite exciting, as it meant a new kitty was coming into the family. It was basically love at first sight for this girl and her calico. Being an only child, she had no sibling to confide in, to tell her secrets to. This small kitten grew up with her, learned with her, kept her secrets with her, became her best friend. 

Over the years this cat even loved with her, sorting through boyfriends in a way only a true friend can. She liked some more than others and her human should have listened, but she was there during the heartbreak either way. She was there when the girl traveled, to France, to Italy, to Mexico. Every time she came home, her cat was there, waiting. 

When the girl went to college, her cat stayed home, waiting for her at every break. She kept her secrets all the same, she snuggled with her, she just loved her even thoughhe had s been gone. Even when the girl traveled, the cat waited for her. When she went to France, to California, to Ireland for a semester, the cat was there waiting for her every time. She was a bit older every time the girl came home, but she was there all the same. 

And when the girl came home from college, looking for work and depressed, her cat was there for comfort. The girl didn't realize just how old or how far she and her had come, but there they were nonetheless. 

Through it all, this cat was there for this girl. Through school and travel and boyfriends and hurt and laughter and everything in between, this sweet, loving kitty was there. 

She's on her last legs now and this is my love letter to her. 

My dear, sweet, lovely Callie girl. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bits and Bobs

The Olympics took up an inordinate amount of my time the last few weeks, which means I basically had time for nothing else. I watched a downright silly amount of sports during that time, as I basically work at a fake job. The coffee shop has cut hours to two days a week.

This means I have a lot of free time.

I had an interview with Starbucks the other day, in an attempt to work at a job that is willing to not only give me hours, but pay me for them. I've decided to allow for the possibility that I'm good at something and maybe that something is this (coffee shop whatnots). Goodness knows my current situation isn't working out, but perhaps a bigger company would allow for more actual professional development. I'm hoping for the best at least.

Emily made me agree to do this Instagram thing, #100happydays. You're supposed to snap a photo of something that had made you happy that day and tag it for 100 days straight. I agreed, if only because I thought it could be a good exercise in looking for the good in my life. This damn winter/weather/most everything it seems is bringing me down and looking for something nice is a good thing, right?
Easier said than done. Some days it's all I can do to remember to participate, much less find something actually worth photo-ing. I think I'm actually a day behind and I'm attempting to catch up, but we'll see what happens. I think today's pic is going to be my ticket stub as I hope to see the Lego Movie with the BF. Unless things fall through again and I get irrationally sad.

You never know these days.

Monday, February 10, 2014

This. Fucking. Winter.

This winter is never fucking ending.

I say this because over the weekend I tried to scratch my skin off because it's so dry. Sure, I moisturize. I drink loads of water. I wash my clothes in gentle detergent, mostly because it seems I'm allergic to almost everything else. I do everything person is supposed to do.

I also then gave myself a nosebleed because I decided to blow my nose. How dare I do such a thing, you ask? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I am a delicate lady flower and it's never more apparent than when my nasal passages are in rebellion because it's SO DRY. My poor boyfriend puts up with a lot and this just adds to it. He's now considering getting a humidifier because bleeding for no reason isn't as much fun as one would think. I keep telling him it isn't necessary, but I'm beginning to change my mind. I mean, he already bought special sheets because it seems I was allergic to the other ones he had, as well as washes his sheets in the free and gentle detergent so I don't break out in hives/itch my skin off. He shouldn't have to do this too? However, I slept in my own room last night (which has a big-ass humidifier) and woke up with no nosebleed at all. In fact, when I blew my nose, I stayed blood free! It was nice (and considerably less icky)

I bet this is exactly what you, gentle readers, were expecting today. A graphic blow by blow description of my bloody nasal passages, interspersed with dry skin woes.

This. Fucking. Winter.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic Time Bitches

With all the controversy surrounding this year's Olympics, let's get one thing straight.

I am an Olympic junkie.

I love learning about all the different athletes and the sports they compete in. I obviously root for Team USA but I also just choose some favorites otherwise. Sometimes it's because they're hot (and let's face it, I'm shallow enough to root for you based on that alone), sometimes it's because I think the sport is fascinating and I can just choose someone arbitrarily and sometimes I fully bow to the media's manipulation and the backstory just gets to me.

I am a sucker for 4 am livestream of biathlon. I love those really love cross country ski races. I cannot get enough curling and not just because of the Norwegian team's pants.

I think it's a pity that the love of sport can get lost in all the other political mumbo jumbo. I like that we, as a world, can come together and play a game. Obviously there are winners and losers, but it's wonderful that we can show up at all.

It might be cheesy, but I think it's a nice thought.

Sochi 2014, bitches. I'll be busy for a few.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sleeping vs. Creeping (I can do both)

My daddy snores something fierce. For that matter, so does my mother. To be honest, I'm beginning to suspect that I snore as well but since the BF has said nothing to the sort, I won't acknowledge it until he does.

Because my daddy snores so loudly, I've become the world's lightest sleeper. Most every little thing can wake me. In order to try to sleep through the night I bought a noise machine. It's not one of those funny ones that make rainwater noises or channels the rainforest or whatever. It's like a fan without a fan. I also was sort of guilted into buying it from the BF because I have slept with a fan on, every night, since the day I moved home in May 2008.
This makes for some cold evenings when it's like...2 degrees out.

The noise machine has helped a bit and I sleep with the door shut, but his damn buzzsaw snores come through the wall as though we were in the same room. It continues to be impressive (and not in a good way).

When the snoring gets tough, the sleepless get earplugs. Last night I tried out some of these funny silicone ones that covered the whole ear opening and not inside the canal like the foam ones. I don't know if they're better or not, but they're definitely different. They sure do help.

The BF tried to have a creeper moment with me the other morning, insinuating that he watches me sleep and whatnot, but because I am the world's lightest sleeper, I totally won that little contest. Mostly because I wasn't lying.
Every little move he makes wakes me up. I get to creep on him anytime. And then I get to go back to sleep.

Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Still January

It seems as though I'm back on the job hunt here in MI because...oh why not. The coffee shop that started off so strongly (like, for realsies. I liked it there. Like? Liked? Whatever) has kind of petered out. Because this is a new brand to the area they went, for obvious reasons, totally fucking gangbusters hiring people when they opened. Some of the original employees stayed and then they hired like, half of Oakland County.
Or so it seems.

This means that I went from work four days a week and getting maybe, 25ish hours, I'm down to two days a week and 11 hours.
This is a really big change. I was willing to put up with it for a week or two when I was told that this too shall pass, but this too isn't passing. People either have to get fired (which I'm down with. Some of them I don't really like) or quit (another thing I'm down with). However, as this doesn't seem to be happening in a timely fashion, I don't have any work in the meantime.

Back in December I enrolled in new health insurance via the Exchanges. I contacted Blue Cross directly and while it was a bit of a bumpy ride, I got better coverage and a better price. I honestly couldn't complain. I can't complain.
What I can complain about is the fact that it's been OVER A MONTH and I still have no health insurance card. None. Zero. Nada. I've tweeted at them, I've facebooked them, I've spent hours on hold and I've e mailed them.
And still nothing. If this shit goes on into February I will drive down there and threaten/bribe them with baked goods. I make really good pies and cookies and whatever. Perhaps it's being held hostage until then.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to 2014, bitches.

To sum up the last bit of last year, we're going to attempt to use short, declarative sentences. I may or may not even bullet point the whole thing.

--I got a job at a local coffee shop via my friend, Cheryl. I always swore that I wouldn't go back to coffee, but here we are.
--So far I do like this coffee shop better than the one I used to work at, Biggby. It also pays better. This is a good thing.
--I then got a second job at Fossil, working seasonal help. I was the only one they called back to help this season. It felt very Hunger Games.
--This round of work at Fossil was not nearly as much fun as last season. Everyone worried about "numbers" and whatever and a new assistant manager who left me alone on the floor for 45 minutes. Not Okay.

--I kept working both jobs. Man was I tired. I appreciated the money, but exhaustion.
--When I would get overtired, I would cry at inappropriate times. It could make for some very fun date nights, dinners or...you know, being awake.
--I did go on vacation with my mother. And I did not kill her. This might warrant its own entry. Our second annual TCM Classic Movies Cruise was a success.
--Christmas, on the other hand, was a hustle and shenanigans and hurried and did make my want to kill my mother.
--It turns out some of the people we invite to Christmas are batshit crazy Republicans who are at such levels of crazy that I regret admitting to knowing them.
--New Years Eve was...fine. A bit boring, but fine. It's a holiday I honestly do not care about.

I believe these are the high points.

Welcome to 2014, bitches.